Welcome to GreeNZ Peace

Kia Ora!Welcome to GreeNZ Peace.   The name of my site is a play on words. My middle name is Peace (of course, I was born in the 60’s) and married Michael Green! We live in beautiful Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud, or otherwise known as New Zealand – NZ). Hence the name GreeNZ Peace. Our home is a safe, peaceful haven from the busy-ness of the world. 

 I am passionate about the environment and consider myself as an Eco-Warrior. I live passionately by the rule of the 5 R’s – being Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent and Repurpose. I have always been a kindergarten teacher, and love sharing knowledge. Knowledge is power. If we share it, others can then own that bit of knowledge and in turn, pass it forward in a giant chain of empowering people.


GreeNZ Peace
There is indeed a Global Crisis in Environmental Mismanagement but rather than focus on depressing facts, I like to focus on small actions that can easily be taken, thus empowering everyone to feel that they too are part of the solution, not just the problem!  Every day that I go walking in my small village in “Clean Green New Zealand”, I collect a bag of roadside rubbish (much of it plastic waste from candy wrappers, car parts, food packets etc.). The aluminium cans and bottles can be recycled but the plastic has to be thrown away. To keep myself positive, each time I fill a bag with kerbside rubbish, I tell myself I just saved a turtle!

When it rains or when the wind blows, kerbside rubbish gets washed into the roadside drains – guess where that ends up? The sea! Turtles are our environmental equivalent of the proverbial canary in the cage for miners. The sad fact is that many, many turtles are dying because of plastic ingestion! They mistake a floating piece of plastic for their favourite food – jellyfish! Some turtles which wash up on the beach, when dissected to ascertain the cause of death, are found to have several hundred pieces of plastic cramming their gut! Horrible! So I am proud to be a turtle saver!


Mike and Jizzy
We grow much of our organic fruit and veggies and love to cook seasonally, often making up recipes as we go!  We are into health and natural healing, so my husband and I both practice reflexology and dabble in shiatsu, massage, EFT and other healing modes.  We eat healthy vegetarian food, much of it experimental soul food cooking.  I love DIY, crafting and making and creating.  We enjoy travel, often trying to make our travel adventures as sustainable as possible.  Just recently, both my husband and I decided to sustain ourselves and resign from our full time jobs, to grow more food and Live the Good Green Life!  The Adventure Begins!

I hope you enjoy reading some of our experiences on this journey of discovery of ours.   It will be my pleasure to post each Sunday and Wednesday and share some of our adventures!  Kia Ora, from Jizzy.

The Good Green Life

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