My experimental Kale Brew

Kale, glorious kale.
Highly nutritious, but oh, so tough if slightly under-cooked!  It’s a popular European green leafy veg not all that well known in these parts.  They are cold-hardy and quite prolific, they keep you in green leaves for a good part of 6-7 months!  But one can have only so much kale and ours were growing into veritable trees and not being harvested much.  I have made several batches of Kale Chips last year – very very delectable indeed!  This year, I have been feeding the chooks with the leaves, so they were not going to waste, but I felt that I needed to use them for our benefit too.  So I had a little brain-wave – hey, seeing as I made very successful Nettle Beer for my son, why not Kale Beer??  Highly nutritious, in fact, I call it Iron Brew as it’s rich in iron!  Harvested about a kilo or two, brewed it up and bottled it.  Not too sure about this lot, no bubbles, so it may not have fermented enough.  We shall have to see…. After 4 weeks my son Cam should be able to test it and give me the results.
Watch this space….
Kale from the garden

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