When you are in your car and you eat something that makes your hands sticky… Oh, what to do?  The nearest public restroom may be miles away.  Our grandparents would have brought along a wet face cloth.  They thought practically and acted sustainably.  There weren’t Wet Wipes then.  So what to do?  Simply really!  Instead of buying Wet Wipes with a plastic container, soft or hard (and wipes that really are possibly paper woven with plastic fibres) which is not really a “green choice“, why not make your own?  Did you know that even “biodegradable” wipes will take their toll on the environment, as often wipes contain fragrances (usually contain chemicals) which can cause allergies or rashes and preservatives to inhibit bacterial growth on them.  Yep, that’s what you are rubbing into your skin (and what you rub into your skin, enters the body and is distributed via the blood stream as our skin is one giant absorbent organ).

Whether you use store-bought wipes for your baby’s face or your hands or touche, making your own will be better not only for your health, your baby’s health, your pocket but also for the environment!  These wipes that are “flushed” can also end up clogging up the sewerage system and take huge amounts of money and resources to deal with at the poo ponds!  Fancy that job?  Well somebody’s got to do it!  Sometimes these store-bought wipes end up in the ocean (yes!  Believe it or not!) and can be mistaken for jellyfish by turtles (their favourite food), same as plastic bags!  So if you don’t care about absorbing chemicals via your skin but you love turtles, make your own!  

What you need to Make Your Own:  

  • A reusable plastic container to store your home-created wipes.  I use a take-away plastic container)
  •  Old t.shirt
  • Essential oil of choice
  • Liquid soap (I use Ecover dishwashing liquid which is easy on hands)
  • Tspn vodka (or other such alcohol as natural preservative)

Cut the t.shirt up into squares (about 15cm squares).  I use no more than 5 at a time to reduce possible spoiling of wipes.  Fold them to fit into reusable plastic container.  Boil a jug of hot water and pour 1/2 to 3/4 cup into a bowl and whisk in 5-8 drops liquid soap,     5-6 drops essential oil and 1 tspn vodka. Cool slightly.  Pour over t.shirt wipes and when totally cool, cover with tightly fitting lid.  Great for car journeys, picnics, baby faces etc.  Simply throw them into the laundry sink, rinse and wash in next laundry load.  I have 2 lots of t.shirt wipes so that when one set is all used up, I can quickly set up the next lot.  A great way to recycle old favourite T’s past their Best Before date. 

Experiment and make this your own.  Try different essential oils, maybe different colour wipes for different tasks, add more water if they feel too dry, feel good about knowing you are saving money and you are becoming an Eco-Warrior!   Try it!  I am sure you’ll like it!

Kia Ora

Jizzy G

2 thoughts on “Eco-Wipes

  1. I just love all your wonderful ideas to make our planet an Eden again. Safe for human and animals.
    Thank you for your dedication and love.

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