Fresh Veggie Juice and Crackers

It’s officially Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and we can feel that early morning and evening bite of cooler weather. While I mourn the loss of the sunshiney hours of summer, I focus on welcoming the fruits of Autumn. We currently have apples and Tahitian limes bending the boughs of the trees, literally dripping in fruit. There are only so many apples one can eat and make pie with. One of our favourite things to do at the start of Autumn is to do cleansing fasts. Usually we do a 5 day juice fast (Cabala juice all day for 5 straight days). This is the most delicious juice ever! As advocated by Don Tolman, my favourite health guru. The fact that juice fasting is a continual sipping of this delicious juice means that the body is constantly drip-fed all these wonderful nutrients while it can cleanse itself and begin to heal any ailments. The body uses 80% of it’s energy to digest food, so when you juice fast, it is able to use that 80% to heal and repair, while only 20% is used on digesting.


Making Fresh Juice
However, I digress! I wanted to talk about a less severe form of juicing for health. At this time of abundance of apples, I have been making a fresh juice each morning. It consists of whatever I can find in the garden or fruit bowl but essentially looks like:

Raw Healing Juice

Apples (3-4)

Carrots (3-4)

Handful of greens (lettuce, dandelion leaves, parsley, kale etc.)

Ginger (thumb size, or less if you don’t like the strong taste)

Quarter lemon or whole lime, skin and all

Beetroot (1/2 fist sized)

Stick celery

This is a rough guide only and will change daily, according to availability.  The juice is sweet, with a slight undertone of bitterness (lime and greens) but we are so used to it that the body craves the rush of liquid energy.


Delicious Raw Juice
We have just had a raw food vegan helpxchanger staying with us and she shared with me the idea that I could make “crackers” out of the pulp from juice making. So in the spirit of “waste not, want not”, I did just that, mindful to juice all the vegetables first and leave off the apples till last. The recipe is a trial experiment as I had no guidelines, other than a goal in mind to make some:

Raw Food Crackers

2 cups Pulp from vegetable juice 

1 tspn guar gum (for binding)

4 tspn LSA

2 tspn Chia seeds

1/4 cup liquid (I used cabbage juice from a fermenting process of saurkraut, could use some of the vegetable juice or water)

1 tspn tamari

Salt to taste

till all ingredients are combined. Roll 1 Tbspn of mixture in hands, flatten and place in dehydrator or warm oven. Dehydrate or bake till “crackers” are dry. Easy As!  I like the fact that what I would normally have thrown away, I could use to create a useful snack food.  I know it’s rich in dietary fibre!  And although I have only eaten one “as is”, I am sure it’s tangy chewiness will taste even better with cottage cheese or tomato on top!  It’s really quite nice on it’s own too!

Here’s to “unwasting” more!




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