Moo-tiful Morrinsville


Small Town New Zealand! Sometimes we just don’t stop long enough when passing through little towns, to discover their own piece of magic. I have always loved Morrinsville’s beautiful painted roadside cow sculptures, so today, on our way to Hamilton, where both our children study, we stopped long enough for me to wander around and snap just a few of these mootiful bovines. Morrinsville is in the Waikato district between Paeroa and Hamilton (roughly, geographically speaking) and is a dairy farming community with approximately 7000 inhabitants.

  There are apparently 42 of these life sized roadside beauties detailing the history and heritage of Moo-rinsville, I mean Morrinsville! A great opportunity to take the kids on a treasure hunt to spy all 42! Each one is accompanied with a plaque naming the artist and sponsor. Morrinsville also boasts an art gallery and one of my favourite Red Cross Opp Shops (Second hand goods).    Below are some pictures showcasing these Bovine Beauties.   Please enjoy!  

  For a calendar of events in Morrinsville, click here.

Beautiful Moo!
Beautiful Moo!
Bovine Behind
Life-size sculptures
Family Always…
Chiefs Rugby Cow
Dressed in Waikato Rugby Colours
Dairy Town Cow
The tail end of the story…
  I think I like discovering what makes each little town unique.  Think we should hit the road more often, with camera and roadmap!


Zebra-striped Rainbow Cow
Far-moo-cy / pharmacy
She’s a Beauty!


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