Toilet Tissue Talk

We all use it! When we skimp on our weekly grocery buy in lean times, it’s the one essential we never skip,bog roll. Loo paper. Toilet tissue. By whatever name you know it, it is an essential part of everyone’s weekly supermarket buy. And I am passionate about the toilet tissue issue! In a bid to be more Eco-aware, I undertook a Toilet Tissue investigation about 4 years ago and finally found a product that had me singing its praises to anyone who’d listen! Being unsatisfied with everything on the supermarket shelves, I finally found a product I was looking for. And a company intent on wiping the stink off toilet roll issues.

Recycling at it’s best!

After an intense online investigation I chanced upon Green Cane Toilet Paper. Eureka! Roll on the accolades, if you pardon the pun! This is a Kiwi company that imports paper worthy of b(l)ogging about bog roll! First off, is the fact that NO TREES are cut down for the production of this toilet tissue, it is made from bamboo and bagasse, a by-product of the sugarcane industry! Yay, turning waste into something that everyone needs! Secondly, we order it online, and it is delivered to our door in a brown cardboard box for NZ$42 for 48 rolls, less than a dollar a roll, and it is thick, sturdy but soft enough for the most delicate of toushes! There is definitely more mileage on a Green Cane roll than your average store bought one. Thirdly, each roll is covered in a fine light tissue paper wrap which means there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC in this package at all! Hooray! Finally, a company that walks the Eco talk!  

Sugar Cane Paper

There are recycled paper loo rolls on the market, but honestly, who wants bog roll to be recycled??!  Yeah, I know they don’t recycle actual toilet paper but the idea still doesn’t sit well with me! Recycled from newspaper? Well, that could earn the by-line of “Yesterday’s news to wipe all your poos!” But those loo rolls are wrapped, in PLASTIC! What a waste! Green Cane toilet rolls were once wrapped in a brown paper bag, 4 in a package,with a certifiable biodegradable cellophane and closing seal sticker but I have proved that the cellophane and sticker did not break down that well and 7 months in a compost stack did not do the job, so I am pleased to see they must have also done their homework and moved to individual paper wrap which can all be composted or recycled. Well done to them!
We love the stuff so much that we use it for all our “paper” needs. That’s right, for wiping mouths (serviettes that becomes a conversation piece), sniffly noses (tissues) and kitchen wipes (kitchen towel). One size fits all. Our anti-consumerism stand. We feel no need to buy different sized tissue for different needs. It’s paper, for goodness sake! Get over it! It works and we are attached to this Green Cane Toilet Tissue issue. But don’t just take my word.  Find what works for you!
Kia Ora.  Jizzy!

Table Tissue (Serviettes)

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