Salt Curing Olives

Freshly picked Olives

After picking your olives, create small holes in the lid of a 2L ice cream container lid. 
Drainage Holes

Place olives into ice cream container and sprinkle 2 TBspn salt over.  

Allow to sit overnight and in the morning, turn it upside down onto another ice cream tub to allow water to drain.  

Processing olives

After a few hours repeat with 2 TBspn salt sprinkled over olives and allow to sit overnight.  

Repeat this process of salting, sitting and draining over 10-12 days.  

Ready for bottling

When olives turn blackish and wrinkled they are ready. Coat them in 1-2 TBspn olive oil mixed through them and then bottle them in clean dry bottles. I keep my salted olives in the fridge. They are a nice salty treat alongside a warm bread-and-dip meal, or can be used for cooking. You can add sprigs of rosemary to the bottles to lightly flavour your olives.  

Oiled, salted olives!

P.S. I have a suspicion that these salted olives will keep outside the fridge but like them too much to risk experimenting and spoiling them!  

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