Cleaning Silver Cutlery on the Quick

I was going to blog about worm farming but I discovered such a cool experiment last night, I just HAD to share!  I bought some really old silver plated forks at a second hand shop for just 20cents each a couple of days ago.  I wanted to buff them but my first attempt at buffing with soap and baking soda proved to be too much like hard work to me, so they lay around on the counter for a few days, till I could come up with a solution.  Thank heavens for Grandma Google, who shared this amazing trick with me, it was sooo exciting, I think worm farming can wait!

Add 1Tbspn salt and 1 Tbspn baking soda
Dull, stained old forks
So I followed these very simple instructions:

  1. Boil  some hot water.
  2. Line a shallow bakeware dish with aluminium foil.
  3. Place 1 TBspn salt and 1 TBspn baking soda to the dish.
  4. Place silver plated cutlery in dish, making sure they don’t overlap one another.
  5. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the dish.  It reacts with the baking soda (remember those kindergarten volcano experiments in the sandpit?)
  6. Add 1 cup of boiling water to the mix and watch how it fizzes and effervesces.

Place silver plated cutlery in shallow dish

Watch how the silverware starts to turn bright silver, within 30-40 seconds.  It is really exciting to be involved in a little kitchen scientific experimentation!  Yo hoo!  

Remove silverware with a pair of kitchen tongs and wash with  warm soapy water.

Note the before and after spoons!
I was so fascinated by this experiment, that soon I was fishing out every bit of silverware I could find in my top drawer and dunking them in the effervescing magic mix!  Voila!  Silverware my Grandmother would have been proud to use!    How and why it works remains a mystery to me, but then maybe I don’t want to know the scientific background, then it will forever remain my Magic Mystery Mix!  Totally chemical-free too!  Hooray



P.S.  My friend read this and warned me that it is a once off or occasional use method as continuous Magical Mixes can cause long term damage to silverware! 😄 

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