DIY Cream Cheese

All you need make DIY Cream Cheese
Say Cheese!  Who doesn’t love a good spreadable cheese on toast?  Making your own is so easy, with no nasty additives. 

All you need is: 

  • a tub of unflavoured natural yoghurt (I use 4 cups)
  • 1 tspn salt
  • herbs of choice
  • a bowl and sieve
  • a soft cotton scarf

Stir salt into yoghurt and pour into sieve which is lined with scarf, over bowl.

Step 1:

  • Place sieve over bowl and line with cotton scarf to separate the solids from the whey
  • Gather ends of scarf and twist together to seal yoghurt and place a heavy weight on top.  I use fruit as weights. 😄 
  • Leave for 6 hours or more, preferably in fridge.

After weighting period, open up scarf to reveal your cream cheese base!

After 6-8 hours, your cream cheese is ready to flavour!  Add 1-2 TBspn chopped herbs of choice; basil, parsley, chives etc. or any combination.  Mix together, place in sealable jar and keep in fridge.  As there are no preservatives in your DIY cheese, plan to eat it within 5-6 days.

Cream cheese with parsley

Hey presto!  Like magic, you’ve turned yoghurt into spreadable cheese!  And you also have the liquid whey, which can be used to kickstart fermented vegetables, or as soup stock or even added in smoothies (if using whey for this application, avoid mixing salut into you yoghurt, add only at the end when stirring in herbs so whey is not salty).  

Now, let’s go have a piece of toast with cream cheese……

Nothing like it! Yum!

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