Spring-Cleaning our Bodies

Cleaning out. All householders know the need for a good clean out once or twice a year. Every year, we try to do a juice fast to clean out the pipes in the body, kinda like a springclean for health and well-being. Think about it: our body spends 80% of it’s energy on digesting food, so when we juice fast, the nutrients are available at a cellular level within 15 minutes of ingesting, so the body can then focus on cleaning out and healing any “dis-ease”.

Making use of less-than-perfect apples for Juicing

We follow Don Tolman’s juice recipe and boy, is it delicious!! The key to success is to sip constantly throughout the day, so the body is always processing all the nutrient a and this negates the feelings of hunger. One can juice fast exclusively for 2 weeks for a healing process if sick or us well. Sometimes we simply juice for 2-3 days for a little clean out and may even add fruit to eat. We prefer to do this a few times through the year, rather than an extended fast, which requires a HUGE dose of discipline. This recipe is for one person and is the MINIMUM amount per person per day and can be doubled if necessary:
Beautiful Beetroot Juice

Cabala Juice

  • 2.5kg Carrots
  • 2 x red Apples
  • 1/3 fist-sized Beetroot
  • 2 x green Apples
  • 1 Lemon, skin and juice
  • 2x yellow Apples

The colour of the apples targets the different emotions one goes through during the fast but is not crucial. Yellow apples are hard to find and include varieties like Freyburg. Note the letters of ingredients spell out Cabala, a good tip for remembering the ingredients. It is soooo delicious, one does not mind drinking it in gallons! Autumn/winter is a good time of year to do a clean out, of all the stodgy, starchy foods we eat in colder weather.

CABALA, the Colours of Health

 I sometimes add one Monty’s Surprise apple, which is purported to have the most anti-oxidants than any other apples, just to give our juice that extra nutritional zing-shalla-boom! Each year we alter how we undertake our clean out regime, once we ate as much Autumn fruit as we wanted, drank Cabala juice all day and had a great big garden salad in the evening. We did not feel hungry, tempted or deprived (as one can feel on a juice diet alone).   A feasting or cleaning-out diet restores the body and most importantly, cleans out the intestines and colon, the site of old stagnant foods and waste. I highly recommend an annual clean-out or two. One feels vibrant, refreshed and restored!

Feeling Vibrant and Restored!

My father suffered from diverticulitis, a nasty and common ailment which often occurs from a diet low in fibre and high in meat consumption.  Basically, pockets of old food get trapped in the colon wall, these pockets bulge out and become infected, causing bloating, discomfort, fever, nausea, cramping and pain. Regular colon clean-outs can help prevent such a condition. Prevention is often easier than cure.

The great thing about juicing was that we can also use up our coddling moth apples – cutting out the scungey bits and making use of the good bits! Waste not, want not! I think “fast” is the wrong term, it conjures up a sense of deprivation, whereas  juicing actually provides us with all the nutrition the body needs. After 3 days (clean out and detox), the body craves protein, so it looks internally for protein within it’s own self! Amazing! It begins to feed on dead, dying and diseased cells, thus cleaning up tumours and growths!

Juicing…..improvise if you haven’t got apples, use pears!

 All it takes is a little willpower, the mind keeps on bringing up images of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and chocolate muffins to test your willpower! Once I did a 10 day pure Cabala juice fast, while Mike has achieved 21 days! Apart from a health boost, it really boosts your sense of achievement, a true win/win situation!  Wonderful stuff!  Go on, try it out for yourself!

Kia Ora


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