Growing Food on your Kitchen Windowsill

You don’t need a garden to grow nutritious veggies!  All you need is a jar, a couple of elastic bands, a piece of fine netting and you’re ready to grow!  Sprouting food in a jar is easy, quick and anyone can do it, whether you live in a small apartment or large house.  Have a windowsill?  Yes?  Then this is a project for you!

Soaking Mung beans

 Sprouts contain a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients to boost health.  They can be cooked, though the best nutrient profile is gained from fresh sprouts.  They improve digestion, boost metabolism, increase enzyme activity, prevent anaemia, lower cholesterol, reduce blood  pressure, boost skin health, improve vision and support the immune system.  Why wouldn’t you give these a go?

I like to sprout alfalfa and broccoli, sunflower seeds and chickpeas but I have to come clean and admit the sprout of choice is definitely mung beans!  And nutritionally, their profile is hard to beat!  Mung beans are a high source of nutrients including: manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc and various B vitamins.  They are also a very filling food, high in protein and dietary fiber.  Adding sprouts to a fresh salad really is like adding chocolate sauce to ice cream, just much, much healthier

Great little table of facts from

To make sprouts:
Make sure your seed is organic and not “treated” as some seed is not suited to sprout, in other words, nutritionally-dead food.

  • Take half a cup of mung beans and place them in a container, cover with a piece of fine mesh or gauze, tightly secured with elastic bands.  (I cut fine strips of an old bicycle tyre tubing as this really holds the gauze securely.)
  •   Pour filtered water over seeds till they are well covered and allow to sit overnight.  
  • Next morning, pour the remaining water out and allow the sprouts to sit on a sunny windowsill.  
  • Rinse the sprouts out morning and night, and in just three days you have fresh, crunchy sprouts ready to eat!

To keep your sprouts, fit a lid onto your container and keep in the fridge.  Use them up within 5 days for best results.  If sprouting finer seeds, like broccoli or alfalfa, I use only a tablespoon at a time.  This will expand and fill the entire container as the sprouts grow!  Definitely a huge growth in investment returns!  Experiment with what sprouts you like best, or have two or three different types of sprouts growing in jars at the same time.

Bon Apetit!


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