Flying into Spring

Spring conjures up images of daffodils for me, and birds nesting.  And speaking of birds, we usually check on our feathered friends at this time of the year, to see that they will be happy in our garden.  We check that the bird nesting boxes are cleaned out and ready for new nesters, and that the bird supermarket is fully stocked.  Bird supermarket??  Yup!  It’s a collection of possible nesting material conveniently placed so that they can collect what they need for the job of weaving nests!

Old nesting boxes high on the fence keeps them safe from unwanted cat attention. Note the bird supermarket on right.

I have made sure all bird nesting boxes have opening roof options, so that we can clean out old nests, spider webs etc. in early Spring.  Entry hole sizes are all varied so that different birds may take up residence.  For the birds supermarket, be sure to provide long grass cuttings, bits of wool, felt, cotton strips etc.  Try to keep the offerings natural, i.e no artificial or plastic materials that don’t break down over time.  I have been horrified to find many to bird nests that contain plastic string and strips!!  They do not belong in nature as they don’t biodegrade.
Scrap wood, oh what to do??
A recent find of box wood inspired a new bird house last weekend.  Feeling lazy and not wanting to have to saw the pieces to size, I selected 4 of roughly the same size for the sides, and two longer pieces for the floor and roof.  Some wood glue, hammer, nails, an old aluminium can (scavenged on the road side), a clasp and a drill were the only requirements to create my new bird house.  It’s not rocket science, no plans needed.  If you can hold a hammer, you’re set!  Children love to be involved in projects like these!  Go for it!

Bird House with Ventilation window and aluminium butterfly decorations!

I hope some birds find this new apartment pleasing to the eye.  I look forward to seeing some activity around here soon!  Aluminium cans are easily cut with sturdy scissors.  Be careful as the edges can be sharp!  Draw on the inside and cut around the design.  I pick up aluminium cans along the roadside and keep them for such projects!  Upcycling!  The roof hinges, ventilation grill and butterfly decorations were made from an aluminium can.

I love this time of year, it is filled with the frenzied activity of sowing seeds, planning, planting, making and creating ideas for the warmer times ahead.  Why, I even feel a Spring in my step!  Attracting birds to the garden has many advantages, they feed on pesky insects and snails, pollinate my feijoas, sing songs all day long and give us immense joy!  So I’ll keep this post short and sweet, lots to do!  I shall simply have to spring into action!   Enjoy!

Happy Spring Southern Hemisphereans!

Cheers, Jizzy

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