Daily Inspiration

Ohinemuri River, Waikino, Karangahake Gorge

There is much beauty and inspiration all around us.  We just have to awaken the senses and take it all in.  We can become oblivious to beauty within our own environment.  We all like beautiful things.  I spend much time in my home and garden, I find beauty in this little world of mine, and when I venture out, I am awed by the stunning splendour of everything around me!  The Bay of Plenty is a great place to live!  Gratitude!  I also like to make and create things of beauty, especially when it’s recycling and upcycling waste.

Cedar wood offcuts
My significant-other-half collects off-cuts of cedar timber from a company that manufactures shutters and blinds.  We use it for kindling for winter fires, but also for creative projects, so often I spy inspiration via the wonderful world of FaceBook and make mental notes for future projects.  So when a friend posted pictures of her holiday in Greece, I was instantly inspired with one of them taken outside a Greek restaurant.  It was a signpost of inspirational words.  I immediately knew what I would be doing on my next weekend with some of the longer pieces of off-cut wood bits.

Project Base Coat
A few old test pots of acrylic paint and I was flying…… Dreaming of where, what and which….. I watered the paints down for the base colour.  I used the original source of inspirational words, adding some of my own to personalise the project.  We have always had a great big wooden post in the middle of nowhere, just waiting for me to find a use for it, so this was the perfect use for it.  I always knew it would reveal it’s purpose someday!

The hardest part was printing or painting the lettering!  Once the base colour has dried, it’s time for the wording.  Painting letters is not the easiest of jobs as one needs a steady hand.  Try to alternate the style of lettering to create a point of difference.  What’s important in your life?  Need a daily reminder?  Put it in print and erect it where you can see it every day.  The post-without-previous-purpose is right in sight of our front door, so every day when we step outside, we are reminded of the few goals we strive for in living sustainably.

Drying all the sign posts….

Inspiration at our doorstep!

Since erecting the signs, I have rejigged them for better effect, like moving “Act Local” under “Think Global”, to make more sense.  I’m loving the positive messages and visitors exclaim that it is such a great idea!  So thanks Gen, for the inspiration in the first instance!  You never know who you’ll be inspiring when sharing on the World Wide Web that connects us all. 🙏🏼
Enjoy, and may you find inspiration and beauty each and every day.  Cheers, Jizzy.

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