Colloidal Silver DIY

Way, way back, I heard about the wonderful healing properties of Colloidal Silver.  We used to buy it from the Health Store and use it to cure colds, flu, suppressed immune systems and fight infections etc.  What is Colloidal Silver?  Well, we know that there are all sorts of nutrients that make up a healthy body, including some “metal” elements, like copper.  We may even use a copper spray to ward off fungal infestations in the garden.  Silver, and even gold (far more expensive) are precious metals which also   hold curative properties.  

What does this powerful agent do for healing?

  • It’s a powerful antibacterial (it kills bacteria, without causing resistance to the silver, unlike many antibiotics).
  • It’s antifungal properties include killing ringworm and assisting in healing of wounds and burns.
  • It can be used to treat eye infections and ear infections caused by bacteria or virus. 
  • It is able to reduce swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery.
  • It is able to alleviate discomfort and pain of sinusitis when used in a dropper, spray or Neti pot.
  • It aids in recovery of flu, bronchitis and even pneumonia.

Home DIY Colloidal Silver kit

After years of forking out lots of dollars on Colloidal Silver, a Kiwi Backyard Scientist friend of ours taught us his easy method of producing his own, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing commercially manufactured CS.  Below is the instructions I am sharing.  Please be aware, that this is not a scientific approach, but rather a kitchen remedy recipe.  Do your own research and be careful with the battery charger, for heaven’s sake!  This CS I make for our family is not a “certified strength” and there is a warning that comes with overuse of CS.  Apparently someone somewhere consumed gallons of the stuff and turned an irreparable grey!  While we have been using our own home made CS for years now, and haven’t yet turned grey, I would caution anyone in their right mind to drink it in excess to recommendations!  I would recommend a teaspoonful at a time.  Once or twice a day, dependent on the severity of what ever you are trying to rid yourself of.  

How to set up your own DIY colloidal silver making kit:

You need one 12 Volt plug-in car battery charger, and 2 strips of pure silver, purchased from a jeweller.


  •  Fill a glass with filtered water.  
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your battery is off at the plug point before you proceed.
  • Carefully place the positive and negative clamp onto the side of the glass, making sure the silver strip is clamped at the same time, on each side.  The silver strips need to reach into the water.
  • Put the power on to the charger.  DO NOT TOUCH THE CHARGERS!
  • Simply time the battery charger on for 5-10 minutes.  You will see the silver sloughing off into the water (it appears as a milky film).
  • Turn off charger at the power source before dissembling the DIY kit.  Voila!  You have colloidal silver!  
  • Bottle and use as needed.

Place strips of pure silver between each clasp of positive and negative clamps and immerse in water. Be careful to avoid contact with water and clamps.
The milky film of Colloidal Silver
A great website to check out is this one;

Before the luxury of fridges were common place, apparently it was common to place a silver coin in a jug of milk to prevent it from spoiling and preventing the growth of undesirable organisms.  Colloidal Silver is simply a solution of nano particles of silver suspended in water.  I have no doubt that there are better qualities of True Colloidal Silver on the market, but for the mean time, I am happy with making our own medicine!

I have just healed our pussycat’s nasty cat flu by squirting colloidal silver into her throat twice a day.  Yay!  It took 5 days and she’s back to her playful self, no more sneezes and runny eyes!  I figured if it worked for us, it’d work for her, and it did!

Good luck with your kitchen science experiment.  

Ciao!  Jizzy

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