DIY Healthy Toothpaste

It’s been a long while in the dreaming…to create my own toothpaste.  Finally, last night I did it, on an impulsive spur of the moment!  I have two house guests staying and I was explaining that I make our own personal care products, from face and body balm, to hand and foot scrubs, deodorant, healing cream and sunscreen.  One guest asked if I make my own toothpaste, to which I replied, “No, but let’s try to make some now!”

So we set about creating our designer toothpaste and within half an hour, having sourced everything we need directly from our pantry, we had it made and packaged; and then set off to taste test it.  The verdict was a mixed reaction, but all four of us testers agreed, “it’s certainly not unpleasant!”

Tester 1:  “Hmmm, a bit salty.  I would make it minus the salt.”

Tester 2:  “The texture was very much like commercial toothpaste.  I thought the turmeric would stain my teeth but it didn’t.”

Tester 3;  “I’m hooked!  Love it!”

Tester 4:  “Not sure if I want my toothpaste to taste salty, but I love the fresh taste afterwards.”

Natural Coconut Toothpaste with small spoon to assist use
Natural Coconut Toothpaste with small spoon to assist use

Here is the hurriedly created toothpaste recipe just as we created it……. bear in mind, you could try to add more or less of an ingredients and create your own brand of toothpaste.  I did a little online research and also read the ingredients of some natural toothpastes and winged it from there….


– 1/2 Cup organic coconut oil

–  1/2 tspn Turmeric

– 1/4 tspn Himalayan Rock Salt, ground

– 15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil  (what about lemon?)

–  1 TBspn Bicarbonate Soda


Combine all the above ingredients to form a smooth paste.  If you keep your coconut oil in the fridge, you’ll need to first allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Go Bamboo Toothbrushes, Ocean-Friendly Plastic-Free Alternatives
Go Bamboo Toothbrushes, Ocean-Friendly Plastic-Free Alternatives

The pros of this toothpaste is the lovely refreshing minty aftertaste and the fact that it is so economical and easy to make, the cons are the salty flavour which is not unpleasant but surprising in a toothpaste.  I would possibly leave it out next time but my husband said he quite likes it!  We are all so very different!

Doing my online research, I came up with the following information: Turmeric, despite it’s ability to stain your kitchen workbench, is an old natural tooth whitener!?!  The bicarbonate soda works as a gently abrasive action to remove plaque and polish the teeth while deodorising the mouth.  It also acts as an antimicrobial and neutralises pH.  The Himalayan sea salt remineralises the teeth and keeps gums healthy (perhaps I should just get used to the salty taste as the benefits outweigh the negatives).  Coconut oil supports oral health and the added benefit of “oil pulling” or swirling the paste around your mouth and holding for a couple of seconds before spitting out, allows us to remove toxins and supports not only oral but general health!

Wow!  All that and you can make it in twenty to thirty minutes!!  Try it out for yourself, and feel free to share some feedback!



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