Eco-Travel Prepared

Travel Tips:

I run workshops on Living Sustainably. I LOVE to share ideas, hints and tips and get excited when someone says that they were inspired to try something new. Every single action toward sustainability needs to be appreciated and celebrated. Much of what I “preach” is about the “evils” of single-use plastic. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely use plastic in my life. Reusable plastic containers are perfect for packaging up those left overs for the next day, for freezing etc.

One bag down, another to go…….

We are heading off on holiday to India in a month’s time and so some thought is going into the final planning, packing and preparation. We normally travel with bamboo eating utensils but it’s always a scrounge to find them in a backpack, so this morning I ran up some Food-Ready utensil bags – a His and Hers pouch which will be easily located in a backpack side pocket. It took a little off-cut waterproof fabric which I inherited from a friend a long time back, and a couple of press studs for closing, and Voila! Two BYO cutlery packs.

His and Hers Cutlery Bags.

By carrying our own cutlery, means that we are always ready for a meal on the run, we can buy street food and graciously refuse single-use throw-away plastic cutlery. Before stowing them back in their pouch, we will simply wipe them clean with a serviette and give them a proper wash back in our hotel room in the evening.

Bamboo Knife, Fork, Spoon and Reusable Plastic Straw.

We also have a twin tiffin tower (small metal containers) to use for take away foods, again, so we don’t need to use the ubiquitous plastic single-use takeaway containers. Stainless steel coffee cups, stainless steel refillable drinking bottles and a NutriNinja blender completes our Sustainable Travel Packing List.

Nutri Ninja turns any fruit into a delightful healthy raw food treat!

When we travel, we find we eat out a lot. This is not the best for healthy options, so during the day, we try to buy fresh fruit which we can quickly blend into ready-made, quick, nutritious evening meals. This way, the body is balanced with a healthy raw food option and not just cooked, bought meals three times daily. Oh, and I can’t leave off the last of the Eco-Travel Tips; my trusty Stainless Steel coffee plunger. Yes, I pack that too! Along with a package of ground coffee, milk powder and sugar. This way, I can also make my own coffee in the mornings if I need to. Chai tea is the norm in India, so take-away coffees may be a little hard to find! This way, I ensure I can always get my “morning fix”.

Twin Tiffin Tower, Coffee Plunger, Coffee Mug and Water Bottle, an arsenal of Sustainable Travel Preparation!

I guess you’ll be wondering if there’s still place for the rest of my luggage….of course! And to make sure it all remains “rattle-free“, I wrap them all up in small cotton bags, and surround them all with my travel clothes. No rattle, no hassle. Sweet! Now, to just finish making/ purchasing small gifts to take along……..


Busy Jizzy

2 thoughts on “Eco-Travel Prepared

    1. Yes Marlize, the plastic packaging on every flight is truly wasteful! I was pleased to see stainless steel cutlery on my last NZ Airways flight…..of course they had to go and wrap those in plastic too!! 😫

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