Travel Packing Guide

Blue skies, swaying palms, golden sands, warm sunshine… We like to travel.  Particularly to tropical destinations.  We love Vitamin D – how it feels on the skin as we soak it up, lying on vanilla sands as we gaze across azure waters, a veritable Robinson Crusoe destination.  Multi-coloured blue oceans and lagoons, coconut palm-fringed beaches, mellow yellow sandy coves and desert-like landscapes in the hinterlandFiji, Niue Caledonia, Rarotonga, Bali……. Our next destination: India.  Can’t wait to explore!  Hot. Steamy. Dusty. We have done South India 15years ago, this time we will explore the North, Rajasthan.

So exciting to catch a glimpse of tropical destinations from our airplane!

A few tropical holidays over the past few years and we now have packing down to a T!  We used to start 3 weeks ahead of time, but now it begins a week in advance, using our trusty holiday packing list.  This way, we can print a new copy off each time, cross off what we are unlikely to need for that particular trip, add anything new and start to tick off what goes into our suitcase.

Sunshine, blue skies and swaying palm fronds….bliss!

The suitcase is a whole new adventure in itself, we bought a second hand Zootcase on wheels, from the Bowling Club garage sale a couple of weeks ago, for a princely sum of $10.  Anyone out there who has had to purchase a new suitcase will know that these cost anything up to $120 for a new version, so I am feeling particularly chuffed with this.  It is in pretty good shape and inside is like brand new!  It’s all zips, secret compartments and pockets!  I have a little combination lock which can be used to lock the zips together.  I’m in love with pre-loved goods.

I will share our list, simply because it makes travelling so much easier – adapt it as you will, for the occasion.  Note; this is a travel list for tropical destinations!

Travel List

Clothes/ Extra:



Slops for indoors

Walking shoes

Undies (5)


Socks (for walking shoes)

Swim togs

Light jersey/cardigan

Rain jacket

Reef shoes

Cosmetics/personal care:

Tooth brush/paste


Nail brush

Nail clippers


Dental floss


Foot scraper

Insect repellent


Massage oil


Healing Cream

Koromiko ( diarrhoea remedy)

Charcoal tablets (just in case of diarrhoea)



Travel Snacks/foods:

Drink bottles

Coffee and Plunger

Tea bags

Take away bamboo cutlery

Take away containers and cups

Snack bars



Salt (need to keep up body salts in hot climate)

Skim milk


Kitchen Sponge

Sunlight soap (dishwashing and clothes)



Camera/batteries and recharger


Waist pouch for money etc,


Mobile phone

Washline and small travel pegs for laundry


Credit cards

Mossie Coils/mats


Ziploc bags for lotions, liquids etc.

Diary and pens


Travel adaptor


Mending/sewing kit

Incense (musty rooms)

Reusable Shopping Bag

Swiss Army knife (NOT in cabin carry on else it will be confiscated!)

Travel brochures etc.

Battery Charger

Solar torch

Nutri Ninja blender for tropical fruit smoothies

A footnote on some of the above items:

Koromiko is a homeopathic remedy for traveller’s diarrhoea.  I have had to use it once in Bali, and it was a lifesaver.  The shopping bag is a little fold-up bag which takes very little space, and can be used when shopping in markets or shops instead of using that unsustainable option – the use-once plastic bag!  Ziploc bags are the new airport must-have, to parcel up any cosmetics, personal care items or lotions.  Keeps them from spilling into your luggage, as well as handy for showing or declaring to customs.  Incense is a must-have for me, I like to mask smells in hotel rooms, or accommodation where there is a strong odour of cleaners or mustiness.  And it makes me feel instantly at home!

I like to keep an old fashioned diary of our travels – I use this to log any ideas, thoughts and experiences.  Long after the memories have faded, reading the travel diary evokes strong visual memories and feelings.  We don’t always take all the food options, depending on where we are staying and what we will doing – for example, I like to self-cater, so stock cubes can turn any bland meal into something quite delicious and palatable.  Tea, coffee, milk powder and sugar is an essential, along with a small stainless steel (indestructible) plunger.  I have crafted a bungey-cord washing line which can be strung over the bath, and we usually hand wash our day’s clothes every evening so that we do not have to take huge amounts of clothing. A bar of pure sunlight soap works wonders, I use it for dish-washing as well as laundry soap.  One item, many uses.

We have started to take our Nutri Ninja, so we can blend up fruit smoothies even in a hotel.  My Swiss army knife prepares many a meal, I just make sure it goes in the luggage hold or else it’ll be confiscated!!  (Been there, done that before!)  I take coconut oil in a small jar, good for skin, lips, hair – all. Sunscreen – well, I make that!

Tetrapak (recycled) Travel Sewing Kit

As we like to travel as light as possible, we each take a small zootcase on wheels and small day packs (cabin luggage), so every item is scrutinised for necessity.

One more addition to our packing list, a SteriPen, a small ultra-violet wand to sterilise drinking water, a must for places where drinking water quality is perhaps not as safe as at home. Perfect! India… we come!

Cheers, Jizzy 🙏🏼 Om Shanti!

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