Upcycled Coffee Footstool DIY Guide

So….as an avid collector and maker of things, I wondered what to do with a small wooden pallet stored in my garden shed. The last one was upcycled into a handsome footstool for my son and his lovely lady. Tired of stubbing my toes on the darn thing, I asked my daughter if she’d like a footstool. “Like Cam’s? Oooh, yes please!”

I needed to reduce the size of the wooden pallet by cutting the edges off.

So a couple of hours to fossick for the materials needed, a couple of sturdy handgun staples later and voila! The second upcycled footstool was created to great applaud. It cost nothing to make, except a few metal staples. Below is a step by step guide to making a footstool out of found bits.

Staple a base sheet (I used a bit of left over plastic pool sheet) to cover the gaps between the wood slats.

An old retired couch squab made the perfect cushion on top. In fact, quite by luck, it turned out to be the exact size required!

Turn the pallet and cushion over onto the fabric covering (I chose to reuse an old hessian coffee sack) and bring the fabric up tight and staple it under the footstool.

Once you have stapled the fabric on all four sides, it’s time to neaten the edges. I did this by unpicking the side stitching, so I could use the hessian to sew the corners to keep them in place.

Above picture shows the stitching on the corners.

Voila! Nearly there! I think my daughter will love the Map of Africa on her footstool!

An old leather belt is attached and stapled underneath as a handy carry

Finished! Less than two hours later, we have a footstool!

Or a handy little seat!

The leather belt strap makes the footstool easy to carry.

The finished footstool next to my coffee plant (illuminated specially for Christmas!). Not sure I will be able to fill a hessian coffee sack from my plant, but I did spy a single flower on it the other day…..I wait in anticipation of roasting and grinding that single coffee cherry (or bean)! Haha!

For you Shay! With love from your Ma!

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