Upcycled Coffee Pouch

Always on a mission to do the best I can by the environment, I have created many zooty, zany tote bags out of my coffee pouches. The plastic used for holding our precious morning fix comes in a very hardy strength, complete with a layer of foil inside. I am guessing it will take many, many decades for the earth to digest my coffee obsession aftermath, so I try to use the pouches in as many ways as possible. One evening, on a whim, I decided to make a zany book cover for my notebook. It worked well, hence the share and easy-as DIY instructions below. All you need is an old coffee pouch and a notebook, a sewing machine (or you could hand-stitch it) and scissors.

DIY Notebook Cover Instructions:

  • Cut the empty coffee pouch open top and bottom and lay it flat.

  • Place the open booklet on the flat plastic and mark around it.

  • Turn the edges back as shown in above image, so that the folded bits form an envelope and sew just above the top and bottom edges that you marked.

  • Cut off the excess.

  • Turn the sewn edges inside so that you have created a pouch to slip the notebook outer cover into. Fold down the rest of the edges that you marked and sew to keep them in place, as shown below. You can also sew a bookmark (ribbon or string) into the top middle edge.

  • Slip the covers of the book into the new protective, zany outer cover and Voila!

The edges of this booklet cover has been reinforced with tape, so that it lasts the wear and tear of a travel drawing book. The cover personalises the book and protects it at the same time. And my caffeine addiction creates a bit of art out of the packaging. Job done and dusted.

I think I’ll just go and make myself a cuppa coffee now…………..

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