Calendula Ointment

A long time ago, a friend gave me a recipe for calendula ointment – great for wounds, scalds, rashes and eczema. Calendula protects cells from free radical damage while fighting inflammation, bacteria and viruses.

Shaving Bees Wax Slivers for your Balm

Dried Calendula Flowers soaking in Coconut Oil….

I’m a teacher and one of our kindergarten children had really bad eczema and could scratch herself till she created lesions. I made some for her and she so loved having her own “flower ointment”, that she finished it in one week! She asked me to make her some more, so together we collected the flowers in the kindergarten garden and over a week and a half, I taught her how to make her own ointment! Empowering the next generation to take care of themselves!

Strain the oil from the Calendula Flowers

I make Calendula Ointment for my husband too, as he has had a lot of sun damage over the years. He finds the ointment makes the skin soft and pliable, less tight and dry. It’s easy to make and the ingredients can be found in your pantry and garden.

Whisk the melted Bees Wax into the Calendula infused Oil

What you need:

1 cup flowers

1 1/2 cup oil


Small clean screw top jars

Pour the warm Calendula Balm into clean, warmed jars. I’ve added 15 drops Chamomile Essential Oil to this batch.


* Collect a cupful of fresh calendula flowers from your garden. These beautiful flowers come in yellow or orange and the bees just love them! * Dry these in the hot water cupboard for 3-4 days (I find the dehydrator does this in 3 hours).

* Add them to a jar of vegetable oil base of your choice. I use coconut and olive oil.

* Place the flowers in oil in the hot water cupboard and shake every day for a week.

* Strain the flowers from the oil. Squeeze the flowers to release all the oil.

* Melt 1 Tbspn beeswax in a small pot, remove from heat and whip in the flower-infused oil.

* Pour into small wide-mouthed jars (pre-heated) or small metal containers. Cool.

Should last 4-6 months, depending on the freshness of your oil. I think a nice inclusion next time round will be to add a few drops of lavender oil too, for the healing quality of flower oils, and the lovely aroma.

Cover the Balm Jars when it has cooled and set. Label and date Balm jars.

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