Roadside Rescue

I really don’t like litter along roadsides! It’s a pet peeve! Why can’t folk take their trash home and deposit it responsibly in their garbage or recycling bin?? Oh, I forgot…..not a lot of responsible people out there! They would rather chuck it out of their car and trash our planet than take it to a bin.

So there is evidence that Litter Bugs live all over the world! This was a carpark by the beach in Fiji .

So what to do with the fallout you pick up on your walks? Sort through what can be diverted from landfill, and place those in the recycle bin. Unbroken glass bottles end up in the recycling bin, and some aluminium cans. Some? Yes, others can get diverted into artworks! Aluminium is easy to work with if you’re careful. Simply slice one end off with a craft knife, then using a sharp scissors, cut down one side to the other end, cut off the bottom ring and you have your artists paint palette ready to go!

Maybe it’s the childhood Catholic in me, I’ve made two crosses, called Roadside Rescue. It depicts the trashy side of drinking in the car, and also the accidents that can occur with this activity. Sad but true. A ring pull tab makes a nice hook on the back for hanging. A garden art for hanging on a fence. Make a statement. No drink driving, and no littering!

Decorative pieces on a small table.

You can also use the rescued aluminium cans for decorative purposes, they are great for that! There is no end to the creativity you can achieve with your very own Roadside Rescues. And you’ll be doing Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) a favour by cleaning her up too! 👍🏽


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