Powdered Power

Sometimes you have too many greens and can’t use them quick enough. I hate waste, so when I have time, I’ll grab a handful of greens and preserve them. A bunch of summer-grown basil can be dehydrated and used in winter, when the cold has all but killed this less hardy of your garden greens. How delightful, to be able to open a jar of dehydrated basil to enhance your winter meals and invoke the memory of summer gone by!

My trusty old dehydrator, bought for just $20 from a second-hand store, is still going strong. Place the leaves onto trays, taking care that the leaves don’t overlap, or you’ll get differing drying times, turn it on and walk away for half an hour. The kitchen will be filled with the alluring aroma of Basil! Dreams of pizza, pasta and a hearty salad fill your head and your mouth salivates!

Once the leaves are dry and crunchy, you can either hand crush them and store in clean, dry jars, or grind them in a coffee grinder. It takes a minute or two and you have a fine powdered basil (or any other herb of choice).

Pour your finely ground basil powder into a jar, using a cut off plastic bottle, it makes the perfect funnel as it doesn’t get clogged.

Kale is another of those garden greens which you either have none or a glut of. These greens can be prepared in the same way. Simply wash and tear the leaves off of the thick spines. Kale can be powdered and stored for later use in smoothies, soups or stews. It’s probably the best way to sneak kale into kids meals!

This is Green Powdered Power at it’s Best! Enjoy!!

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