Coffee Cover Diary

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I looove coffee. So, to pay penance for my addiction which creates all these tough coffee pouches that are designated to end up in landfill, I try upcycling them into more useful items. So far, I’ve lined an entire fireplace wood basket with coffee sacks. It’s in its sixth or seventh winter and still holding up strong!

I have created many a reusable shopping bag or handy tote with the coffee pouches, made travel document pouches and even a pencil bag. For a while now, I’ve been thinking to make a diary cover, which not only vamps up my very dull black diary, but also protects it and has place for my pen or pencil. When I travel and take my diary with me, I always seem to lose my pencil and have to scrounge around in the bottom of my bag for it.

So with just an idea and no real plan, I set about creating my cover today. I didn’t take step by step pics as I really had not a clue how to set about it or even how it would pan out, so half an hour later, I finished and held my breath as I tried it on for size. Fits like a glove! I rather like it! Yay! It’s going to work a treat, and because it slips over the outer cover, I can reuse it for my next diary….and the next, if it lasts, which it should as the plastic pouches are pretty tough and strong!

These pouches come in all colours and designs, and are easy to sew together on a sewing machine. All that limits you is your imagination. Are you a coffee lover? Think of how long those pouches will take to break down, if ever! Now put your thinking cap on and create some masterpieces! 🤗

Slip on coffee cover.

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