Lavender Body Talc (Baby Powder)

Baby Powder or talcum powder, is a commonly purchased item for those new mums. It helps absorb moisture and keep little bottoms fresh and dry. No more nappy rash. Or at least, that’s what I used to use it for when I had little nappy-bottoms in the house. I also used talcum powder for my reflexology practice. It makes the reflexology easy to do, giving that gliding action needed, without been too slippery if you used oil instead. Perfect. Until I found out that talcum powder (a mineral) clogs the pores! And it is a possible respiratory irritant.

Okay, so I figured, if I can’t buy talcum powder anymore, how can I make it? Easy solution! Cheap, easy and healthy too. Works like a charm, pour it into an old talcum bottle and no-one would know the difference, except you! Are you ready to make your own baby powder? We need just two ingredients….and it definitely doesn’t need a science degree either!

Baby Powder Recipe

1 cup fine cornstarch (preferably organic)

5-8 drops essential oil of choice, lavender or rose geranium

Pour the cornstarch and essential oil into a clean bowl, stir until completely blended, then place into a container or recycle an old powder shake container. Use as and when needed.

This powder can be used to stop diaper rash (try not to get it near genitals), to stop general rashes caused by friction, for aiding in smooth gliding action for a foot massage, for sprinkling into rubber gloves for ease of pulling them on or off hands, for kid’s swimming caps to ease pulling on or off hair and for “mopping” up excess sweatiness. It smells divine and is great to work with. Easy Peasy! Simple and inexpensive.

Kia Kaha,

Dizzy Jizzy

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