Juice Fasting for Health

Juice Fasting is a great way to keep the body cleaned out and in optimal health. Way back in 2005, I attended Cowboy Don’s (Don Tolman) workshop on Health. He spoke about Juice Fasting and cultivating a healthy system. Since then, we have taken his juice fasting recipe and woven it into the fabric of our lives. When we have been out of balance with our health, we have done juice fasts of 10 – 21 days. What an amazing way to get in touch with your body and restore health!

Now before we get started, let’s talk juicers…there are crappy juice machines, and then there are super juice machines! Centrifugal juice machines work by grating the fruit and veggies in a fast centrifugal action which can heat up the juice, can also become clogged and have to be cleaned out often. I believe that when the fresh juice is heated, some of the enzymes can be destroyed. Cheap juicing machines can cost anywhere from NZ$200.00. We have an Oscar Juicer….beware, they don’t come cheap, but they work on a crushing, grinding action, so the juice is not heated and the pulp is pretty dry when it comes out of the grinding chamber, allowing you to get maximum juice from your efforts. A really good juicer can set you back almost a NZ$1000.00! But it’s a great investment into your health.

I like to juice my softer fruits or veggies before the harder ones, that way, the harder veggies or fruits act like a clean up sponge on their way out of the grinding chamber. Our Oscar is definitely been worth it’s weight in gold. We have had it for about 14 years and never had any problems, and it’s been thrashed with this recipe we use (below). As we are in fairly good health, we don’t feel the need to have long extended juice fasts at the moment, so now we schedule a juice fast day every first Monday of the month, just a little clean out of the tubes and pipes in the body. Like a oil change and service for your motor car, a juice fast can rejuvenate the system.

Prior to Don’s workshop, we had tried juice fasts and failed each and every time. The recipe to success is that you cannot simply replace each meal with a glass of juice you scull down. Oh no! When juicing, one needs to sip constantly throughout the day! That way, the body and brain are tricked into thinking it is constantly being fed and you don’t really get the hunger pangs which the sculling at meal times seems to create. So rule no. 1 is to sip constantly. The recipe below is based on one person’s individual needs, so if two people are fasting, double the recipe.

The juice is called Cabala Juice and is an acronym to help you remember the juice recipe!

Cabala Juice

* 2kg Carrots

* 2 green Apples

* 1/3 of a fist-sized Beetroot

* 2 red Apples

* 1 Lemon, skin and all

* 2 yellow Apples (usually light green)

Cut up the veggies and fruit to fit into your juicer shute. Blend all the ingredients together to create a life-giving nutrient-dense juice that is delicious and nutritious!!

Cabala juice is truly a gift to your taste buds and your health. Try this juice and see how your body responds. It’s a beautiful way to clean out, and do your body the world of good at the same time. Did you know that the body can better heal itself when it is not having to consume, consume loads of food all day long? So during the clean out, the body is able to repair damage and help heal itself. Don recommends a 40 day juice fast for overturning severe illnesses. My husband has managed to complete a 21 day fast, while the longest one I undertook was with my 14yr old son and we did a 10 day fast.

The juicing creates a fair amount of pulp waste…..next blog I will share how to make pulp waste crackers! Bon Appetit! Get juicing today!

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