Juice Crackers

Let’s get cracking then! My last blog was about juice fasting, and I mentioned making juice crackers from the waste pulp. So, as promised, here is the recipe. These crackers are simply delicious and highly nutritious! Call them Juice Crackers, Healthy Crackers or Fibre Crackers, call them what you want, but just get cracking and make them!

I have always felt a little concerned that I was wasting all that vegetable fibre (see image above) after extracting the juice, so one day I decided to try and create something with it. Crackers….so after several incarnations of the original idea, I have tweaked it into something that sticks together well and can hold up to the task. Delicious, nutritious crackers from something that would otherwise have gone straight into the compost bin.

So after making Cabala juice, simply discard the apple pulp (I juice them and catch the fibre separately, so that is binned) and collect the rest of the fibre from the carrots, lemon and beetroot. Sometimes I add a little twig of ginger root to my Cabala juice, and this ginger fibre is also added to my cracker recipe for a little zing.

Mix into this pulp mass, some seeds, salt, herbs, oats and Orgran egg replacer till it is thoroughly blended, then simply squash it flat onto a lined oven tray. Place it in the oven on a low heat and roughly 4hrs later, cut up into cracker-sized pieces. A cracker or two will be the best support in your RDI of fibre. Get you moving. Keep you cleaned out inside.

The fibre mix, sprinkled with a few linseeds for decoration.

Juice Crackers Recipe

* 4 cups juiced pulp

* 2 Tbspn linseed, ground

* 1 Tbspn Chia seeds, ground

* 1 Tbspn poppy seeds

* 1 tspn salt

* 1/2 tspn each of rubbed rosemary, parsley and garlic flakes

* 1/2 tspn grated lemon rind (optional)

* 4 Tbspn oats, ground

* 1 tspn Orgran Egg Replacer

Mix everything until well blended. It should be a fairly stiff, workable “pulp dough“. If still too wet to work, leave it to stand for a while. Pour out into an oiled oven tray and press flat with a wooden tamper or back of a spoon. Sprinkle a few extra linseeds on for good effect and place in a low heat oven (100deg.C) for about 4 hours, checking every hour. Take tray out of oven and score the cracker lines. Place back in the oven until they are pretty dry and ready to remove with a spatula. At this point, I choose to either turn them over onto a baking rack, back into a very low heat oven, or pop them into my dehydrator to do the last drying out. When crackers are crisp, allow to cool and then place in an airtight container. I pop a dehydrating pouch in for good measure, that I save from my organic flour packs. There’s nothing worse than a soggy cracker!!

Enjoy your crackers with a houmous or beetroot dip, a slice of cheese and tomato, or simply with a good spread of Vutter. Try it. You’ll go crackers for these crackers! Yum!

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