Upcycle your Socks!

Imagine how many old socks end up in landfill? Thousands upon thousands. That’s because socks have a limited lifespan, and there’s nothing unsexier than holes in your socks. Our Grandmas would have darned them but we simply don’t have time anymore! But wait, there is life after sock death! There’s life yet in them thar darn holey socks!!

So here are a couple of ideas for you to upcycle your socks. Keep them out of landfill and give them another reincarnation. I have already sung the praises of Tawashis, the soapless Japanese scrubbers. They are easily made out of cutting strips of old socks and weaving them on a basic frame, into scrubbers for washing your dishes, or cleaning baths and basins.

Garden Ties

My very first sock upcycle began years ago, when I starting cutting strips of the elasticated knit fabric to use as garden ties. They work fantastically, as there is an ability for the plants to grow while being tied with this elasticated tie! Using twine without that stretch, tends to rub on the plant and make wounds, and often can end up snapping plants in a big gusty wind.

Hold All Sock Tidy

Children’s socks are simply too small to make Tawashis, so what to do with them when they outgrow them, or lose one and you’re left with just the other lonely unmatched one? They are great for keeping electrical cords organised, tidy and secure in your draw. Voila!

Laundry Assist

Turn an old sock into a dryer aerator ball. You need two old socks for this upcycle. Simply roll up a sock into a ball, stuff it into the bottom of the other sock and then draw the outer sock up around it. Twist the upper sock around the inner one, and fold itself over, like a fountain, and back around itself. Keep doing this twist and turn over until the sock becomes a firm round ball. Sew a few stitches to secure the ends around itself. The sock ball should be tight and firm or hard.

When using the dryer, pour 2-3 drops of essential oil onto your sock ball and throw it into the dryer, along with your damp clothes. The ball should “bounce” around the drum, aerating the clothing and imparting a lovely odour. They work by reducing electricity use and shortening drying time.

Find all those old, holey, unmatched socks and then go sock it to them!

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