Upcycled Christmas Tree

‘Tis the Season. The Festive Season. Some people love it, while others dread it. I love what Christmas stands for….Family. Love. Celebration. Togetherness. Festive decorations. And letting the creative juices flow….

Gather your resources; offcut plywood and coffee pouches.

So when our village announced an Upcycled Christmas Tree competition, I jumped in Boots and All! Yay, another chance to use up the enormous mound of reinforced plastic coffee pouches I’ve collected over the years. Why? Because the plastic pouch that your ground coffee comes in is really tough, and the way I see it, long, long after you’ve had yourself some good cups of coffee, the earth is still trying to “digest” the coffee pouches you discarded. Sad, but true. The true confessions of a self confessed CoffeeHolic!

Cut 4cm strips out of coffee pouches and snip upwards, leaving 1cm edge to attach to plywood.

I have blogged some of the coffee pouch projects I’ve made over time, and there have been plenty! From lining our wood storage basket, to iPad protective carry pouch to shopping totes….there’s plenty projects I’ve put these little coffee pouches to task. So now, Christmas tree….hmmmm, that’s a new one. I love a good challenge, so armed with my bulging bag of empty coffee pouches, I set off to the garden shed on a drizzly, grey day.

Staple strips of snipped coffee pouches onto plywood, starting from the bottom and working upwards.

First off, I found some old plywood, left over from lining the garden shed. I very economically cut out three shapes roughly triangular, see below. I glued them each together, the smallest on top, the largest at the bottom. Then I glued a “trunk” to the bottom, kinda resembling what young children draw when tasked to draw or paint a tree.

Making sure all the staple ends are hammered down for safety.

I cut all the empty coffee pouches into strips, then snipped upwards, leaving a small uncut edge to hold them all together. This uncut edging is then stapled onto the plywood, working bottom to top, layering the strips and cutting them to size as the tree tapers toward the top.

Christmas tree starting to take shape…..

The “trunk” is then covered with another pouch and stapled at the back. Finally, I decided the tree needed a star to top it off. This was by far the trickiest bit to tackle….cutting a plywood star with a massive big clumsy hand saw (because I was too lazy to set up the jigsaw which would require me to extend a long electric lead from the house as the shed has no power). But I got there, again, my star very much resembling a child’s hand-drawn star, because stars are tricky shapes to get right! Haha!

Nearly complete…just waiting for the star to dry.

The star was treated with a coat of gold paint (oooh, I looove gold paint!!) and then glued on the very top of the tree with wood glue, and clamped in place for a couple of hours to ensure a good contact. Voila! The tree is complete. It will make a nice difference from the traditional collapsible plastic Christmas tree we have been using for the last 3 decades (yes, very sustainable). Our new tree will look good with a few Christmas gifts under it.

One Festive upcycled coffee pouch Christmas tree, complete with star!

Are you a coffee drinker? What do you do with your coffee pouches? They come in a range of great designs and colours to start your very own coffee Christmas tree!! Or, put them to good use by making them into some gifts your friends and family will love! So here’s wishing y’all a very merry Coffee Christmas!!

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