Divine Enveloping Odour ( DIY Deo)

Let’s talk deodorant. Back when my son was just 14yrs old, he spent nearly a year on the couch, cradling his head from crippling headaches and migraines. Endless trips to doctors, paediatricians and even a neuro specialist brought slim relief. He lived on pain killers and the last straw came when he was prescribed an Epipen (Adrenalin) to self inject when he felt a migraine coming on.

We were at our wits end. “Green” living principles had given way to over-medication in our desperation to help him. The very first time he used his Epipen, he collapsed. We knew there must be a better way and we were open to trying anything to help our son. We had exhausted the essential oils, the natural therapists, chiropractors, spinal manipulations and treatments and were desperate to get him off the couch and living a normal happy teenager’s life again.

We happened to attend a talk by (our hero) Don Tolman, a crazy looking American with thick black sideburns, mo and a cowboy hat. This guy immediately answered our question about how to help our boy…”there’s only three things that can cause 95% of headaches….lack of water, lack of salt and deodorant in aluminium spray cans.” What?? We’d spent a fortune trying potions and pills…..? Could it really be so simple?

So we went home and immediately got our son onto a regime of more water, more good salt (we gave him a salt crystal to suck on)…..and checked out his deodorant. Of course, teen boys want to smell like a man! Lynx deodorant! We turfed that! Was the “smell of manhood” making him sick? All that aluminium leaching from his deodorant can, straight into his body via his lymph glands under his arms??

The short story ending is a happy one. No more headaches! It was as if we had seen a magic trick happen before our very eyes. Something so simple and we had been struggling for so long! How many others struggle with the same problem?

My glass jar of Saturation Saline.

So I started to search for alternatives to aluminium spray deodorant. First we started with plastic roll-on deodorant, but of course that contains much plastic to chuck into landfill. So we then went onto a salt rock deodorant…..until we kept on dropping it, shattering the salt crystal into sharp shards which could cut you open and cause you to bleed to death! It got me thinking….salt works by sterilising and inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria on the skin which causes our sweat to smell. Hmmm, how to use this principle……..I came up with a super simple idea and it works well.

Fill your bottle with saline solution, add gin and essential oil.

Deo (Divine Enveloping Odour) Recipe:

* Himalayan (pink) salt

* Filtered water

* 1 tspn Gin (or other strong alcohol)

* 2 drops essential oil of choice

* A reusable spray bottle (preferably glass)

I have a short cut version of my salt water (saline) which makes the process super quick and simple. Fill a clean glass jar with filtered water, add 1 Tbspn Himalayan salt and allow it to dissolve. If it dissolves completely, add more salt until it reaches it’s saturation point and some salt lies on the floor of the bottle. I always date my concoction.

Date your saline solution.

Pour some of your prepared saline solution into your spray bottle. Add the gin (I believe it acts as a preserve and emulsifies the oil and water). Add 2 drops essential oil. For men, use a woody oil, for women a floral oil works well.

Voila! It’s that simple!! Give your bottle a shake and spray under each arm. It works well, no toxic synthetic fragrances (or aluminium leachate) to give you a headache! Saves you, the planet and your wallet!! Enjoy!

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