Open Office

Happy New Year everyone! Start of a new year means a good time to clear up the clutter in one’s life. Our dining room table is ALWAYS so cluttered. You see, it’s also our office. We have our diaries open on the table, and any books or articles we are reading. Every time we want to eat, we shuffle everything to the side. 2020. Enough clutter. I decided to remedy the situation.

The daily clutter which was a conundrum at meal times……

We need an office. Close to our table. A quick muster in the garden shed and I came back with all the tools and some old wood to build us a shelf where we could place our “office paraphernalia“. But another brain wave struck as I contemplated having to saw through the wood…..what else could I use which required less work on my part? A box? I had a spare one in my kitchen which was really just full of newspaper. Perfect for the job!

I quickly tossed the papers, and screwed the box onto the side of my kitchen pantry cupboard. A few reinforcing scraps of wood on the top and bottom and voila! The quickest solution to our problem……an “Open Office” just a step away from the dining room table! I am so excited to see a bare table now that is uncluttered by our “office stuff”.

A quick solution…..

So here’s to the start of our uncluttered 2020. I shall also continue to do my 5 step declutter action which has been my habit last year. When I look around an become overwhelmed by the clutter around me (I always have several tasks and projects going on at any one time), I say to myself “Just 5 things“. Literally, I then walk around and put 5 things in their rightful place. Simple, but it works!!

His and Hers diary space, pens, phones and glasses cases on top. 👍🏽

It’s a small project but I feel so immensely excited that something so simple can mean so much to me. It’s kinda like winning the lottery! It didn’t cost me much but it’s amazingly effective. Yay for wooden boxes and a couple of screws!

Presenting the new Open Office! DIY Office space! 🤗

My new “Open Office” as we have dubbed it. Perfect! Our homes should reflect our personalities, and serve every one of our needs. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal, we can upcycle anything to meet our needs. We upcycled an old unwanted wooden CD tower into a toilet roll holder. Cost us only $10 but originally probably cost the first owners anywhere around $100. Perfect for the job!

Not for me, a digital diary, I still like paper. When I needed a cover for my diary that could hold my pen or pencil, I upcycled some plastic coffee pouches to do the job. It’s lasted all of 2019, and now I can slip it onto my 2020 diary and it will still protect my new diary and hold my ubiquitous writing utensil.

May this new decade see many more people across the globe endeavouring to consume less, upcycle more and declutter their lives. Arohanui.

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