DIY Insect Repellent

You know the saying….feed a starving man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…..well, same thing with insect repellent! When your husband is always asking you to make him some insect repellent, you teach him to make his own!!

Chemical -Free Insect Repellent for Tropical Destinations!

I have always made our insect repellent, you don’t need a science degree to figure it out, just some essential oils that are traditionally super-smelly to insects! Whenever we travel to tropical destinations, I carry our own insect repellent. Now recently on our trip to Bali, my husband, ever fearful of blood-sucking insects, declares that he thinks it far better to purchase insect repellent in the country one is travelling in as they manufacture it specifically for the mozzies in that country. Like the insects culturally have different nostrils.

Okay, sure, I said. “You use the local stuff, I’ll use my home made stuff.” Sometimes it is easier to go with the flow than fight over little things, so we trekked off to the local supermarket and he bought what he thought looked like the most vicious dealer of death to all whining incoming blood suckers. He duly applied the store bought stuff and we immediately had to throw the doors wide open and turn the aircon onto super speed fan mode, as he smelt of cheap toilet spray. After two days, he gave up and begged me to share my bottle of home made repellent. I made him go on his knees!

Bali Bliss.

So now you know a little history behind the “teaching a man to fish” story, all you need is a reusable spray bottle, some essential oils, some gin and you’re ready to go Mozz-Free for Life.

On old reusable spray bottle and essential oils…..

Making your own repellent is so easy, even Mike can make it now!!

Insect Repellent Recipe

* Fill your 120ml bottle with filtered water

* Add 1 tspn gin as an emulsifier (to blend the oil and water)

* Add 15 – 20 drops essential oils in any blend that pleases your senses (remember if it smells too terrible, you’ll not want to use it!). Mike added 5 drops each of citronella, clove, lavender and 3 drops of lemon

* Optional extra: add 1 – 2 TBspn food grade rose water

* Shake the infusion before spraying.

There you have it; Bug-Free for Life!!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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