Basil Oil

Here’s a beauty……when your basil is growing profusely and you can’t use it up quick enough, this is a great way to preserve your basil for later use. This is a very piquant, fragrant oil which can be blended into salad dressings or simply drizzled over pasta for extra zing!

Organic basil from the garden….hmmmm, the smell is divine!

So this recipe is very simple, no need for a vast array of ingredients. Just basil, olive oil, salt and optional, stevia leaf. And a blender. I used stevia leaf because I have some growing, but you can also sweeten it with a quarter teaspoon stevia leaf powder. Or add a TBspn maple syrup.

Stevia leaf, also known as the sugar herb, is 30-50x the sweetness of sugar.

My stevia grows in our hothouse, and is in its 5th year of incarnation! It seems to die down in Winter, but miraculously grows again in Spring. It is frost tender, so if you’re planting it in the garden, you may lose it come Winter and need to replant it again in Spring.

Blend the leaves in the blender, making sure to push the leaves down into the blades.
Slowly pour olive oil into the blender to combine with the leaves.

Sweet Basil Oil Recipe

* 4 cups basil leaves

* 1 tspn salt

* 1 cup olive oil

* Optional; stevia leaf or powder

Place the salt, basil and stevia into the blender and process till the leaves are all chopped up. Slowly drizzle the oil in and blend well. Add more oil if needed. Pour the basil oil into clean, dry glass jars and seal. Keep basil oil in a cool, dry place for several weeks. If you need to keep it longer, refrigerate.

Sweet Basil Oil.

Delicious and nutritious! Divinely simple and Simply divine!

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