Facial Protection Mask

Yesterday I had a gut feeling about this COVID-19 business. After doing my weekly shop this morning and discovering chaos and pandemonium in the store, with customers cheek by jowl, trolley to trolley I wondered at the sanity, or lack thereof. So I am not one to panic, but I am a practical person and I decided to make myself a protective mask. Good thing about sewing skills, you love a new challenge!

Cut two pieces of fabric, 27cm x 14.5cm.

I didn’t have a pattern, but what I created seems to work, so luckily I took pictures of the process, so I can now share it with others.

Fold each rectangle in half, and sew a small dart on the top and bottom of each piece.
Place each rectangle, with their darts, right sides together and pin them to each other. Make a couple of folds on the short edges (both sides of both pieces).
Mask should look like this, pinned together and folds on sides. One more step before sewing. Resembles a boat.
Cut two pieces of elastic, 13cm each in length. I used some elastic toggles I cut off of my backpack (unnecessary bits dangling and getting caught on airport conveyor belts!).
Place your elastic lengths at the short side, forming a loop between the two layers. This means they can’t be seen on the outside yet.
Sew all around the edges, leaving a small area unsewn. See top right hand side. This is because you will need to turn it out. Take care to sew an extra row over the elastic loops at the short ends, to strengthen the loops.
Turn the mask inside out. Pin down the edges, and also the open edge you used to turn it inside out. Pin and then sew all around.
Voila! Gangster style facial mask.

Someone pointed out that this kind of mask will just keep my germs to myself. Well, I will happily protect others from any germs that might be lurking in my body, and if we all did the same….guess what? We won’t be sharing the virus around.

Besides I also feel empowered to be doing something, rather than doing nothing at all. I hope this virus passes by our islands, and that our people will be spared the ravages as seen in Italy, Spain and China.

Feeling very gangster. The new fashion we are rocking at this crazy time.

Arohanui! Keep safe people. Boost your immune system. Don’t panic, just do what is necessary to keep us all well and safe.

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