Seed Storage Envelopes

I wanted to share my go-to origami seed envelopes, since I have already shared a post on saving seeds. This is a really quick little envelope-making process and quite meditative. Set yourself up with some good music, a cuppa tea and some old gift wrap paper or magazine pages.

1. Cut your paper into a square (I used about 15cm squared for this one) and then fold it in half as shown above.
2. When folded in half to make a triangle, turn down one side so the point will reach the bottom of the triangle, as shown above.
3. Turn one side (A) toward the opposite side, so that it reaches past the halfway mark on the bottom. I try to provide a small upright side at the opening end (B).
4. Do the same on the left side, folding this over the top of the right hand side as seen above.
5. This is a two-part process. First fold the top flap (where it lay at point A) back toward the left side, level with the bottom access of the envelope (not shown). Then open up this fold and squash it up toward B to create a little pouch.
6. Now you can fold the top of the triangle down to fit into the small pouch. This creates the closing “paper clasp”. If you want to secure it further, you can pop a small piece of cellotape over the pouch to keep it tightly closed.
7. Don’t forget to label your seed envelopes. I also date it from the time I dried and collected the seeds.
8. Old magazine or torn book pages make great seed envelopes.

You can be as creative as you’d like with your seed envelopes. Try old magazine pages (National Geographic), or pages from an old torn children’s book. It’s a great way to upcycle old wrapping paper or even newspaper. I’m guessing a wad of seed envelopes could also make a great gift for that gardener friend or family member in your life. A gift made with love. It’s raining outside as I write this, a perfect day for origami!!

Ciao, enjoy!


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