Wash Line Flags

I have just invented a brand new idea! Wash line flags! Silly, I know, but I think this thang might just catch on! “All I want for Christmas…” ringing through all the laundries of the world. Who would want one, or even need one? Those who love their rotary wash lines as much as I do!

Just Blowin’ in the Wind

So I may have blogged before about my wash line. It’s a thing of beauty. We inherited it with our garden and when I hang my laundry on it, I love how the garments fly around the garden in swathes of colour, kind of like a giant garden mobile. A moving work of art.

A toy version of the wash line wonder!

Stands to reason, that once I have retrieved my laundry and brought it inside, the line stands patiently, awaiting the day of adornment again. With a once-weekly laundry regime, you get the idea that it is not often a Work of Art, but more of a Blank Canvas Stand.

Nepalese flags flying on our Garden Cottage porch.

Side Story: Now my Fly Curtains have seen better days after 15 years of standing guard duty at the living room entrance. Doesn’t help that sometimes I would rush through them with both hands full of things, on my way somewhere between living room and the rest of the house and snagging them on whatever is held aloft to force my way through. I started to notice a little rip, which gradually ended up in a very noticeable long tear so the offending curtain had to be removed.

A most effective and decorative fly screen.

As an avid up-cycler of everything not-yet-ready-for-landfill, the shredded curtain lay a while in my laundry. What purpose could it achieve? I thought…”reusable produce bag“… but no, I have plenty of those. Then I spied my wash line and the thought was born….wash line flags! Yeeha!

The project took all of 20 minutes, all I had to do was cut the offending curtain into two 50cm squares, edge two sides (if you strategically cut it lining up with the bottom or top) and stitched 3 ties at one side for hanging them.

Now I catch glimpses of my two wash line flags as they float on the breeze, “Spinning in infinity, I say, Amen, Hallelujah!” (Courtesy Paul Simon for those lyrics). Really, I am a simple lass. Such things bring me great joy.

Wonder if these flags could become an overnight sensation? Could I sell some to the Kardashian crowd? (They’ll buy anything!) Then when they tweet their wash line flags to their world of followers, everyone might want one? Hmm, I think I am seeing a business opportunity here….anyone want to fund me? I just need old sheer curtains…..

Flags in a blustery wind.

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