About us

Passionate about sustainable living and saving sea turtles, we try to walk lightly on the earth, taking care to reduce, recycle, reuse, reinvent and repurpose whatever we use.

The name GreeNZ Peace is a play on words, as my middle name is Peace (what can you expect, I was born is the 60’s), I married Michael Green and we live in beautiful New Zealand (NZ).

Our home and garden is our peaceful heaven, a retreat from the busy-ness of the world. Included in our green living principles is eating organic, healthy vegetarian food. We grow 70 – 80% of what we eat, on a small intensively edible-landscaped garden.

We love experimenting with cooking whatever is in season, try to travel as sustainably as possible and are enthusiastic Opportunity Shoppers (pre-loved has a history, a pattina of life which newly manufactured goods lack). I love sharing ideas, in the hopes of inspiring others to see just how easy, simple and rewarding “Green Living” can be !