Janinja’s Turmeric Latte

This easy to make health drink is both nutritious and delicious!!

Nasturtium Pesto

Very healthy Nasturtium and Kawakawa Pesto Yes, you heard right! I make basil pesto in summer, parsley pesto in Autumn, and Nasturtium pesto in Winter. If you’ve ever planted nasturtiums in your garden, you’ll know they are prolific! They will veritably cover vast swathes of your garden seemingly overnight! Orange and yellow Nasturtium and blue…


Olive Leaf Extract

Mid March/April is Olive Time. It’s the time to start picking olives, preparing them and bottling them. It is quite an exciting time and for some, a tedious process of washing the olives twice daily but for me, a daily ritual that I love. You see I love olives, I was introduced to them by…